My Story

Born in London to Italian parents, I have always been tremendously proud of my Italian heritage.

As a young child I loved to coming to Italy with my parents and two sisters to visit my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I remember the long but exciting train or car journeys, and the loving welcomes we would receive when we arrived.  I have special memories of the fun times spent with our family in Italy, and a large part of these memories include the kitchen, and the distinctive smell of my nonna's wood oven which we used to prepare delicious food for the large family meals we would enjoy together.  I remember my nonno and nonna's wonderful garden where the fresh fruit and vegetables were grown and leading down to the sea.  I have fond memories of my grandparents picking the delicious tomatoes to fill enormous baskets, while I stood eating them!  It is because of these special memories that from a young child I would dream of one day coming to live in Italy.  Little did I know that one day that dream would become a reality!

The heart of our home has always been the kitchen for as long as I can remember, and where I would watch my mother prepare the most amazing and delicious food, using the same recipes and traditions passed down from my nonnas' kitchens,  to create amazing dishes for the family to share.  It is thanks to my mother's amazing cooking skills and passion for cooking that influenced and inspired me the most in the kitchen, and in turn led to my own love of Italian food and teaching Hands-on Italian Cooking Classes.  

Realising the fascination that foreigners have for Italian food, I decided to offer Italian cooking classes in Netta's Kitchen, part of Cortona Language Centre, combining the learning of the Italian language with food - learning Italian in the kitchen.  What could be more fun!!

Cooking classes are run from our restored farmhouse in the countryside located just a five minute drive down the hill from Cortona, where each Summer we are surrounded by fields which alternate each year with beautiful sunflowers and wheat.