Learn Italian in the Kitchen Course

I think it is common knowledge that food plays an important part in Italian every day life and that the kitchen is the heart of the home for most Italian people "la cucina 'e il cuore della casa" where they can enjoy good food and catch up with family and friends.   The Italian language is also rich in culinary references that appear in proverbs, idioms, songs, art, cinema and literature.

If your level of Italian is B1 Intermediate level or above and you would like to improve and strengthen your knowledge of the Italian language, why not enrol for a Five Day Italian in the Kitchen course with Cortona Language Centre which combines the learning of the Italian language with cooking in it's very own Netta's Kitchen.  Or for those of you who just love Italian language and culture and would like to learn a little Italian while cooking and immersing yourself in the Italian way of life, why not join us.